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We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

We are the Wood Junkies. We specialise in the importation, supply and distribution of sustainably sourced Namibian hardwood to the UK and Europe. 

Dried in the African sun, this wood has a moisture content of less than 2%, compared to standard domestic kiln dried timber which typically retains up to 20% moisture.  As a result, our wood has virtually zero smoke production, burns at high temperatures with limited energy wasted burning off moisture, and lasts far longer than other alternative fuel woods. The incredible quality and reliability of our wood has allowed us to gain certification via WoodSure as DEFRA approved and’Ready to Burn’, meeting all the new regulations surrounding the quality of wood sold in the UK (in force from 1st May 2021).

African hardwood is also amazingly dense and boasts the nickname ‘African Ironwood’.  Being incredibly dry and unbelievably dense sets up the perfect storm of long lasting hot coals ideal for cooking or heating your home.

Wood Junkies are passionate about protecting our planet, and are always striving to reduce the impact our business has upon the environment.  All of our imported hardwood is sourced from either desolate trees or invasive species, our packaging is 100% recycleable, and we offset the carbon footprint of the business via our partnership with Ecologi.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

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