The original motivation behind founding WOOD JUNKIES was a love of food! Food cooked outside, on a real fire, using the best fuel you will find anywhere on the planet. 

About Our Wood

  • All of our imported wood is sustainably and ethically sourced in Namibia
  • Dried in the desert sun boasting sub 2% moisture content at source
  • Virtually zero smoke production
  • Versatile, dense wood that produces long lasting coals ideal for low and slow indirect cooks as well as high heat direct cooks
  • Ideal for Braai’s (BBQ), pizza ovens, fireplaces, firepits and wood burners
  • All of our Namibian firewood sits at pole position for flavour, heat and coal creation 

Kameeldoring (Camel Thorn / Acacia Erioloba) is a protected species in Namibia.  The wood is baked in the African sun to an extremely low moisture content (sub 2%). Kameeldoring is the King of wood for producing long lasting coals and amazing heat. Ideal for the Braai (BBQ), this wood produces excellent coals for cooking and will enhance your food with an unmistakable flavour of the Namib desert.

Sekelbos (Sicklebush / Dichrostachys Chineria) is an alien invasive species in Namibia.   It burns with minimal flame and an aromatic fragrance, and creates a serious amount of charcoal, making it perfect for use on the Braai (BBQ). This is a superb cooking wood and can also be burnt in fire pits and chimineas.

UK Hardwood.  Our Oak and Ash hardwood logs are sustainably sourced and kiln-dried here in the UK.  Kiln-dried logs typically have a moisture content of around 15%, and are ideal for use in your wood burner, fire place, pizza oven or fire pit.


Wood Junkies are registered with the UK Forestry Commission.  This ensures that all imported wood products are inspected by the correct authorities on arrival in the UK.  

Wood Junkies are committed to ensuring that each and every product we provide is Sustainably and Ethically sourced.  Our Namibian Kameeldoring is gathered only from desolate trees and branches which have fallen naturally and dried in the African sun.  Sekelbos is classed as an invasive alien species and is therefore harvested as part of the Bush Encroachment Control Scheme.  All of our Namibian Hardwood is sourced from farms approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, and regular inspections take place to record the number of dead and living trees. 

The export of Sustainably Sourced wood from Namibia creates thousands of jobs for local farmers, supporting the local economy and helping to lift people out of poverty.  

Wood Junkies are passionate about helping in the fight against illegal poaching in Africa, and are committed to giving back to the nation which provides our premium products. We are therefore teaming up with ISAP, a non-profit organisation working to help the Namibian people to combat poaching through creating awareness, utilizing technology and gathering information (Intelligence), from various platforms, in support of the Namibian authorities (Ministry of Environment & Tourism – MET, Namibian Police Protected Resource Division), the Namibian Commercial Farming sector, Private reserves and various Conservancies.