The original motivation behind founding WOOD JUNKIES was a love of food! Food cooked outside, on a real fire, using the best fuel you will find anywhere on the planet. 

Nothing beats the atmosphere and enjoyment to be found in standing around a real wood fire, chatting with friends or contemplating the meaning of life on your own, whist burning quality hardwood into coals to cook on, or just for the warmth of the fire. 

In fact, the Afrikaans language even has a special word for this sense of occasion – Gees – and that is what WOOD JUNKIES are aiming to bring to homes, gardens and restaurants around the UK.

Namibian hardwood is incredibly dry, allowing it to burn for longer and at higher temperatures than any other type of firewood.  For more information on our products please see our Product Range.

Both of the WOOD JUNKIES founding partners are originally from Cape Town, South Africa but have lived in the UK for almost 20 years.  However, their love of traditional South African outdoor cooking or Braai has not diminished!

So they made a decision – to bring the wood to the UK and share the ability to use premium SUSTAINABLY SOURCED Namibian Hardwood with everyone! Their respective skill sets allow WOOD JUNKIES to offer fantastic quality, at a competitive price, with an ever expanding range of products and options available to their growing customer base. All three varieties that WOOD JUNKIES import are unrivalled in the heat and intensity with which they will burn, making it ideal for cooking over coals, pizza ovens or as a fuel for the fireplace and wood burning stoves.