The original motivation behind founding WOOD JUNKIES was a love of food! Food cooked outside, on a real fire, using the best fuel you will find anywhere on the planet. 


Wood Junkies are committed to ensuring that each and every product we provide is Sustainably and Ethically sourced.  Our Namibian Kameeldoring is gathered only from desolate trees and branches which have fallen naturally and dried in the African sun.  Sekelbos is classed as an invasive alien species and is therefore harvested as part of the Bush Encroachment Control Scheme.  All of our Namibian Hardwood is sourced from farms approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, and regular inspections take place to record the number of dead and living trees. 

The export of Sustainably Sourced wood from Namibia creates thousands of jobs for local farmers, supporting the local economy and helping to lift people out of poverty.  Wood Junkies also work to offset the carbon emissions generated by shipping wood from Namibia via our partnership with Ecologi.

Wood Junkies are registered with the UK Forestry Commission.  This ensures that all imported wood products are inspected by the correct authorities on arrival in the UK.

Woodsure – “Ready To Burn”

Wood Junkies are proud to have achieved Woodsure Ready To Burn status. Customers purchasing from a Woodsure certified business can be assured that the product has been checked and tested and the organisation itself has been audited to ensure legality , sustainability and reliable customer service. The Woodsure logo enables consumers to easily identify whether fuel is of an appropriate standard to meet UK government guidelines.

Ecologi – Offsetting our Carbon Footprint
Wood Junkies strive to be a carbon neutral business, and through our partnership with UK based company Ecologi, we are offsetting 28 tonnes of carbon emissions a year via their tree planting programmes. For more information visit our profile via the link below.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi